13438985_118212235278497_2463323086469951024_nThis past Monday I had DJ Shellie Shell on as my guest.

She broke the mold with being a female in the DJ scene.  She finds her business a hobby job because she loves doing thing this work so much.  She started in the DJ business about 10 years ago, and has been DJing professionally for almost 18 years now.

Shellie is an ordained minster also.  She can perform your ceremony along with being the DJ of the event.

Shellie prides herself on her prices being lower than most in the area.  If she’s busy and isn’t available for your event, she helps find someone who can accommodate the event.

Shellie works in the city of Toledo and many surrounding areas.  She loves working all events and enjoys getting the party started.

Check out DJ Shellie Shell here.

As always, check out In The 419, Mondays at 10pm on Stationhead, station Gooner.